Wine and spirits companies enjoy the exciting process of launching an alcoholic product. Now that the flavor, style, and pricing have been perfected, you are ready to introduce it to the rest of the world. But for that, you’ll need to attract wine distributors to launch your collection. 

A brand may believe that the best course of action for a new product is to release it to the market as soon as possible and then correct any faults afterward due to the entrepreneurial mindset that can sometimes get the best of us. Although this tactic is effective in a number of industries, it can have negative effects on alcohol brand packaging, brand names, and iconography. Most often, these choices either don’t stand out from the competitors in terms of attracting distributors. Hence, we bring you this guide containing tips & tricks to attract customers. 


Even with all of this work, it may still take months and a lot of money (shows, samples, etc.) in many areas and depending on your product category to persuade a distributor that your team and product are worth working with.

Many brand owners are unaware that you and your team are still in charge of generating sales, taking part in or at least paying for tastings, and managing your accounts even if your product is picked up.

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